what is igtv how to use it

What Is IGTV & How to Use It? (2020 Guide)

IGTV, a feature that has been on the list of Instagram for the past year, has become a great tool for many people. Previously, when people were sharing Instagram posts on the Instagram app, they could upload videos for a maximum of one minute. The same problem was also valid for Instagram stories. Because he had the right to upload five videos of 30 seconds consecutively there, this situation caused disruption and interruption of product promotions.

To prevent such problems from occurring, Instagram has released the IG-TV feature to allow long-form videos to be uploaded. While people are watching your video, they can now watch longer videos. With IG-TV, videos up to 60 minutes can be uploaded. Anyone with an Instagram account can benefit from this feature. People who watch videos uploaded to IG-TV first watch the first minute of the videos and access the rest when they tap post. They can share the videos they can choose with cover images as a preview of your IG-TV at first. The feature, which can only be used on mobile devices, helps create an Instagram TV series.

How Does IGTV Work?

How IGTV works and how the videos are uploaded to that part are among the most asked questions. People upload their posts with high IG-TV video resolution they take with another device to Instagram. Instagram automatically redirects to the IG-TV section. Also, people can keep the live broadcasts they want to record on IG-TV for a day. You can find hour-long videos in the IG-TV section of the person’s profile. People get the chance to easily access the videos they are looking for. Besides, if they wish, people can extend their stay in the video by post a preview.

what is igtv

How to Upload to IGTV?

It’s pretty easy to upload videos to IG-TV. Every video of people exceeding a minute can be easily shared on IGTV. People who want to post a movie, series trailer, or promote a product or show people how to do something can share them on IG-TV.

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FAQs About Instagram TV

Do I have to pay a fee for IG-TV?

IG-TV is a free application, just like other Instagram features. Anyone can use IG-TV at no cost.

Is it necessary to reach a specific number of followers to upload to IGTV?

There is no need for such a thing; even people with a follower can share whatever they want.

Which videos are watched more on IGTV?

This is about the person’s account mass. For example, on a dietitian page, videos with sample diets are watched. A mechanic’s page has videos of how an item is repaired. The important thing is to upload videos in HD quality.

Conclusion on IGTV

IGTV, one of the best features that Instagram has prepared to date, has left its users very satisfied. Some accounts get high followers with IGTV videos.

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