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What Are the Challenges on Instagram? (2020)


Instagram is one of the most widely-used entertaining social platforms around the world. Instagram Challenges have taken over most of the people’s feed with their unique and entertaining concepts. Trending challenges will help a person to become more confident and blunt about certain things. If you want to try one out, we have a list of challenges for you to try out.

Famous Challenges on Instagram 

Here is the list of our favorite challenges on Instagram:

  • Gesture Challenge: Firstly, gesture challenge is a small entertaining game in which you make a set of actions using different hand signs. The challenger challenges to replicate the hand emoji gestures in the given short time. This is a delightful and exciting hashtag challenge.
  • Workout Challenge: This challenge requires minimal workout sets such as push up, squats, sprints, skipping, etc. You can perform this challenge easily, and everyone should utilize these Instagram challenges in their life to live a healthy and fit life. Many fitness trainers and people who are not involved much in workout and gym things are starting such challenges, waste no time and try them right away!
  • Fashion Challenge: Fashion challenges involve fun things like combining some suggested garments and accessories to create a distinct look. And many style challenges, such as preparing in 30 seconds or in a given short time, are interesting to participate in. 
  • Bingo Challenge: In this among the best trending Instagram challenges, all you gotta do is to tick the things that you’ve done, and after that, you gotta post it again with the corresponding hashtags. Lastly, that’ll let you know the mysteries of your colleagues and family members.
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Instagram Stay Alive Challenge

This trending hashtag, known as #stayalivechallengeaccepted, has been widely seen as a suicide prevention movement. Basically, you post any picture about a happy event in your life and post it in B&W as a eulogy to suicidal thoughts. So the happy picture opposes the filter to show that everything’s gonna be okay.

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FAQs About Instagram Challenges

Which hashtags get the most likes?

Most popular 8 hashtags are: #love, #instagood, #photooftheday, #fashion, #beautiful, #happy, #cute, #tbt

What was the first challenge on social media?

There was the “until tomorrow” challenge.

What is the current Instagram challenge?

It is #outfitchangechallenge, where someone in their pajamas turns into wearing elegant dresses.

Conclusion on Instagram Challenges

If you are on the internet a lot and want to have some fun without spending much time or money, Instagram challenges are just for you! You can also check our post about Instagram impressions and better analyze how your challenges are doing.

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