Twitter Guide

Perfect Twitter Guide from the Beginning to Pro

Twitter one of the most beloved social media platform, that is why it increase its users number day by day and today we will talk about Twitter guide.

There are 320 million monthly active users send over 500 million tweet every day! in other words every seconds 6000 tweets has been tweeted.

Twitter is a micro blog site and it used by politicians, singers, scientist and also by common people, this makes Twitter unique  according to its users diversity.

We can start our guide there are some terms that other social media platforms does not have we would like to explain them.

Twitter Guide

Tweet: It is basically a post that limited by Twitter with 280 characters. But you can ad images or videos to a tweet.

Favorite: This is as sama as Facebook or Instagram like there is no differences.

Retweet: Retweet is the most powerfull weapon for Twitter. It basically call as re-share and Facebook has this feature but Twitter users love retweet and in the very short time your tweets can gets millions of engagements via retweets.

Trend Topic: This is another important feature of Twitter, Twitter is a microblog site as we sad before and hashtags are the key of all tweets. When people tweets a specific hashtag Twitter put that hashtag in the trend topic list which says most of people talk about this topic.

Direct Message (DM): Everyone says DM but it is just a messaging service between 2 users.

Important Information

You have to verified your phone number when signin up to Twitter otherwise your account will suspended till you verified your phone.

Twitter has no filter about content so get ready yourself to see violence or sexual content.

Some country has banned Twitter because of its a dangers for their dictatorship, if you live in those country be carefull you could go to jail because of your tweets.




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