Linkedin Guide and What Should Your Profile Looks Like

Linkedin guide will be your best assistant to grown your Linkedin network, post a a Linkedin pro and get new connection abour your profession.

There are millions of user in Linkedin and every user has different profile so what is the best profile type and how could we describe ourselves.

First of all Linkedin is a social media platform so you would better fill all blanks in your profile page.

Today we will talk about all information about best Linkedin profile that we covered up from most of 100 profiles.

Linkedin Guide in 5 Steps

Linkedin Guide profile

We will explain all these 5 part in your Linkedin profile page.

1-Header of your Linkedin Profile Page

In this section you have to summarize yourself which you share your name, education, experience and city.

You have to be carefull about putting unnecassary information in this section, just get rid off it.

For example in the image we have a formal Photograph, and Jane Doe (name-surname), Rowe Pharmacauticals – New York University (Job and Education) and as a last part the city.

2-Social Network Part

In this part users can see your connection count and your city as a last part there is a connect button to be able to send you an invitation.

3-Summary of Great Picture of Yours

In this part you can talk about your personality or any other professions to make people descrşbe you easier.

Do not forget this part can be less formal but never ever be zero formal.

4-Blood Pomp of Your Profile

This section shows other users what you have done in Linkedin before such as article, media or photograps.

Linkedin is similar to Facebook but the main differences between Facebook and Linkedin is formality of Linkedin and focus network group.

Be careful about your posting is it not Twitter, Facebook or Instagram you are expected to share professional article not beach photos where you bury yourself under sands.

5- Linkedin Job Search

Linkedin is so big that you can find more than 11 million of different job.

You have to be carefull about describing your job, position and company.

You would be better add your skills and other activity that boost your job skills.

Follow Linkedin Profiles and they are also will be shown in here so be carefull what you are following.

There is a video belov about Linkedin, do not hasitate to ask questions and comment.

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