how to recover a hacked instagram account

How to Recover a Hacked Instagram Account?

If you suddenly find yourself on the Instagram login page while you are logging into Instagram normally, your Instagram account may have been hacked. But do not worry, there are several ways to recover your hacked Instagram account. In this article, we will explain to you step by step how to recover a hacked Instagram account.

How to Report a Hacked Instagram Account?

If your Instagram account has been hacked and you cannot get it back, you can at least disable this account by reporting. For this, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to the profile of the account you want to report.
  2. Click on the three dots icon in the upper right corner and select the Report option from there.
  3. Then select It’s inappropriate and the Report Account option.
  4. At this step, you will be shown the option “This Is Someone Else.” Click on this option.
  5. Finally, choose whether this account is impersonating you or someone you know.
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Steps to Recover a Hacked Account

  1. First, open the Instagram app and click Get Help To Sign In.
  2. If your account still has the same username, it will give you several options at this point, try to log in by entering your old user information. Write your e-mail or phone number.
  3. If you do not have access to any of them, click on the “Do You Need More Help?” button.
  4. Instagram will ask you to enter some information to verify that you are a real user.
  5. If you entered your information correctly, the only thing you need to do from now on is to wait for an e-mail from Instagram. Usually, Instagram sends a security code to your e-mail address within a few days.
  6. Instagram may still ask you to update your information in this e-mail. You can save your Instagram account from being hacked by answering questions in the e-mail.

FAQs on How to Recover a Hacked Account

Someone has changed my username; how can I find my account?

You should directly send a message to your friends that follow you; even if your username has been altered, your friends will see your fresh username since they are following you.

Can I ever get my hacked account back?

Yes, it is feasible to verify your identity and convince the Instagram team with your information so that you can get your account back.

How to prevent my account from getting hacked?

You should Two Factor Authentication and set your password as a more complicated password.

To Conclude Hacked Instagram Account

In this article, we described how to recover a hacked account. You can double your account’s security by taking steps to prevent your account from getting hacked. It is also likely to retrieve your hacked account by confirming your identity. If you want to learn more about the app, we cover up many other popular topics in our articles.

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