a simple guide to instagram live

A Simple Guide to Instagram Live (2020 Guide)


Instagram Live is a highlight that works inside Instagram Stories and lets users stream real-time videos to other users on the platform. Even though it is relatively new, it is now one of the most-used Instagram features. You simply tap on the story thumbnail with the “live” indicator to view the live stream on mobile devices. But how do we view IG Live on PC or Mac? Read our article to find out.

How to Use Instagram Live

Before you start broadcasting, you need to set a schedule for yourself. Regularity is crucial. Then, you need to identify your goal. You need to acknowledge what you want to achieve from your broadcasts. Choosing a format that you will stick with will bring you results. You may host a Q&A session, take your viewers behind the scenes, do interviews, something unexpected like adventurous activities, or announce something new. 

Moreover, you can not just go live and hope that someone will show up to watch. Instead, you need to build up some excitement beforehand. You can excite your viewers by posting stories on your upcoming live stream, giving hints, and setting the date. Once you are live, you may consider using face filters as they add up some excitement. According to studies, most-used face filters are sleep mask filters, bunny or puppy ears, and love with heart-shaped darts. Interacting with comments is also important to keep your viewers entertained and your broadcasting engaging.

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Watching Instagram Live on PC or Mac

If you are on a Windows or MacOS PC, the alternatives to watch Instagram Live on computers are limited. Most of the time, we suggest that you watch Live by the mobile app. You can watch Live on Windows or MacOS PC by using a Chrome extension.

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One extension that enables you to view Instagram Live on PC or Mac is IG Stories for Instagram. IG Stories for Instagram is an expansion that lets you watch Instagram Live videos on a PC. It also enables you to watch stories and download Live videos.

FAQs About Live

Does IG Live have a time limit?

IG Live broadcast airtime is limited to one hour.

Can you watch live anonymously? 

Instagram has no such secrecy feature that lets you to watch videos anonymously.

Can you get kicked off live?

The broadcaster can kick viewers on their will.

In Conclusion to Instagram Live

Instagram Live is an excellent tool to reach and engage with your audience compellingly and confidentially. It is a great tool to interact with your followers and advertising. Check our blog post about How to Recover a Hacked Instagram Account, too.

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