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7 Steps to have a Successful Youtube Channel

Today we all accept that Youtube has dominate the Internet and and millions of users want to have a Youtube Channel to become a successful publisher.

The main idea of gain succes on Youtube is the same.

There are specific rules and you have to follow them.

Now we are going to summarize the best tricks to have a new Youtube Channel.

Successful Youtube Channel

7 Rules to having a great Youtube Channel

Of course there are more than 7 rules but  we will tell you the most important ones. Moreover you can use rules for each and every Youtube Channel.

1-Determine your Aim for your Channel

Determine your Aim for your Channel

This is the most important steps because all of your videos, comments, likes and dislikes will be diretly affected by your aims.

It will be hard to expecting gain lots of money in the very short time.

Youtube will not let you make profit until you reach 1000 subscribers and this is the most difficult process.

While you have less than 1000 subscribers it will more hard to viewing by other users.

It is also directly affect your financial status because it will be more expensive if you have a gaming channel.

So your channel affect the costs and any other things affected by the cost.

2-Ideas more Important than Equipments

Ideas more Important than Equipments

Most of Youtubers try to buy expensive stuff and wait for the success but about 95% of them failed, because they have not a great idea but equipments and Youtube users do not care about your stuff.

Never ever fotget this golden rules content is king and stuff is just your assistant.

You should not stoart a Youtube channel if you do not have a good channel idea even you have best tools in the world.

3-Long Videos are Risk

It is difficult to make 10 different short videos than 1 long videos, but on the other hand profit of 10 good short video bigger than 1 good long video.

Also users watch Youtube videos in their smart devices and they can not hold the devices for hours.

4-Thumbnails are Great Door to Video

Thumbnails are Great Door to Video

Thumbnail is an image that describe your video so you should be very carefull when choosing thumbail because it is almost as important as your title and description.

For example if your title is “10 most expensive machine gun” you should choose a great image about machine gun.

You also can manipulate your thumbnail and it will get attention more but this idea could be dangerous for your subscribers  happines rate.

5-Title and Description are the key of Availability

Title and description are as important as thumbnail, even it is the ey of availability we can say they are more important than thumnbails.

While you choose your title you can search about the same topic and find the best title for your videos.

Use always general phrases and make all users able to fin your title.

6-Comments are your Blood Pump

Comments are very important for your videos and channel so try to answer all comments in your videos.

You can even make users decision maker for your future videos thus your videos can get tons of comments.

You should be patient and calm about negative comments, try to answer them and never ever be offansive.

7-Call to Action!

Most users just watch a video and pass it they do not think to subscribe or like the channel, you should call users to action such as; like my video, subscribe the channel or share your ideas about the video as a comment.

Call to Action!



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